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Tango Classic Autos is proud to announce our new state-of-the-art old finish removal facility that utilizes the latest in blasting technology.

Browse our Media Blasting Projects page for pictures of our past and present media blasting projects!
Media Blasting

The use of a specially designed media-blasting tank for soda eliminates any possible mishap that could arise from blasting sensitive materials with the incorrect media. Unlike other medias, soda does not generate surface heat, virtually eliminating warpage problems. This type of unit permits blasting of sensitive materials such as fiberglass (Corvettes our specialty), carbon-fiber, plastic, rubber, aluminum, brass, copper, and steel without difficulty. Remarkably, soda will not harm either glass or chrome.

Notice that the four letter word SAND has not been used. When sand is used to remove paint and rust from metal, the process creates "free silicas" which are a health hazard to both our employees and our environment. Black Beauty is a safe media that is excellent for removing light rust and scale and for spot blasting small areas on sheet metal parts.
Media Blasted Frame

Media Blasted Axle Most restorers start by stripping their classic car. Before you media blast all wiring, glass and interior and suspension should be removed. Tango can media blast, prime and transport your car to and from your body shop. We strongly suggest you prime your car soon after media blasting. Normally this process takes 7-10 days. This one stop service moves along your restoration quickly without the inconveince.

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