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1966 GT 350
Original Sapphire Blue Four Speed
One of 259 produced in blue
Original 289 HP engine
Original non-stripe 66 sent to Young Motor Company in Charlotte North Carolina.
Previous owner purchased it in 1976 and had it 44 years.
Driver quality 1966 that's had touch ups and paint throughout the years.

Price: $140,000 SALE PENDING!
'66 GT350 Pictures

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1967 GT 350
This GT 350 is one of the first Shelby's ever produced in 1967. It's a factory night mist blue, 4 Speed with inboard lights and functional brake scoops. Like most of the early 67's it has early features including a four point roll bar, one piece grille and running lights. The 289 engine runs very strong and headers have been added. The body is appears very original and the fiberglass is original for an early 67. This is a driver quality Shelby Mustang that's had numerous touch-ups throughout the years but never a restoration. Not many double digit Shelby's are available and this early GT 350 is offered for $99,000.

Price: $99,000 SALE PENDING!
'67 GT350 Pictures

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1968 GT 350
This GT 350 was originally shipped to Southern California and was owned by a single family for many years. It's a factory Acapulco Blue four speed GT 350 that runs and drives great. Since it's been sitting for awhile we've added new brakes and exhaust. The engine appears to be it's original 302 however the heads have been changed to 289 high performance. The exhaust manifolds are also 289HP as is the entire exhaust. These changes have helped the performance of this GT 350. The body is very solid and there's been one repaint years ago. This Shelby has it's original interior and even the original hubcaps that 68's came with. This is a very reliable Shelby than can be driven and enjoyed in it's present condition.

Price: $85,000 SALE PENDING!
'69 GT350 Pictures

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1969 GT 350 Convertible
This Shelby is a factory automatic with air condition that was originally purchased by the late fashion designer Anne Klein in NY City in 1969 at Gotham Ford. The original 351 engine is still with the vehicle and it runs great. This is a factory Black Jade automatic with air condition. It's had an easy life but has been repainted to Candy Apple Red. It's one of 137 small block Shelby convertible's manufactured in 1969 and one of only a few with the popular air condition option. This dependable, driver quality GT 350 convertible is available for

Price: $109,000
'69 GT350 Pictures

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1969 Shelby GT 350 Convertible
This GT 350 is a factory Candy Apple Red with black interior. It's well equipped with the four speed transmission and factory air condition. All Shelby convertible's are rare and the "Grabber" colors and four speeds with air condition have taken on special interest with collectors. This convertible started it's life in Southern California and has a well documented history in the Shelby American Automobile Club. This Shelby has been shown at Shelby events and was present at the MCA 40th Anniversary Show in Nashville. This GT 350 is a beautifully restored example and the four speed with factory AC is quite desirable.

Price: $165,000 SALE PENDING!
'69 GT350 Pictures

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1967 Shelby GT 500
This Shelby was originally shipped to a small Massachusetts dealership in 1967 and is equipped with the 428 Police Interceptor and a four speed transmission. It's also is equipped with it's dual quad BJ BK carburetors which makes this one of the most powerful muscle cars from the sixties. This is an original acapulco blue '67 and comes equipped with magstar wheels and inboard lights. This Shelby is #2505 produced in 1967 and has a long history in the Shelby American Automobile Club. It's well documented in the Shelby Registry and drives perfectly.

Price: $170,000
'67 GT500 Pictures

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1968 GT 500
This GT 500 is a factory candy apple red four speed that's been sitting for about 35 years. The 428 engine runs strong and new tires and 10 spokes have been added. This Shelby started it's life at a dealership in Michigan has spent most of it's life in the Illinois area. The body is solid however the paint is tired and it needs a freshening up. Only 1020 Shelby GT 500s were produced in 1968 and only a small percentage left the factory red with saddle interior. There's also air condition added and it appears it might be dealer installed. This is a driver quality GT 500 that can be enjoyed in it's current condition.

Price: $79,000
'68 GT500 Pictures

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1968 Shelby GT 500
This is a one previous owner GT 500 up to a couple years ago and it runs and drives like a Shelby should. It's been recently repainted and the engine rebuilt and detailed. It's equipped with the 428 police interceptor engine and four speed transmission. Some of the other 1968 features include ten spokes, tilt-away steering and fold down seat. This GT 500 had one owner until 2009 and is solid and rust free. I have an Elite Marti Report that details how rare this Shelby is.

Price: $110,000
'68 GT500 Pictures

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2013 Boss 302 Laguna Seca
This limited production Boss 302 Mustang was offered for only 2012 and 2013 This 2013 has a total of 70 miles since new and has been stored since being delivered.

Price: $59,000
2013 Boss 302 Pictures

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1970 Boss 429 Nascar
One of only 499 Boss 429 Mustangs offered in 1970, this rare muscle car was originally sold out of the famed Tasca Ford in East Providence Rhode Island. This is a matching number Boss 429 engine and the VIN can be easily seen on the rear of the block. Also, included is the correct 4 speed transmission. The body is straight, rust free and the floors appear to be original. Also, the fenders are the "Boss" fenders which allows for the bigger F-60 tires that the Boss Mustangs originally left the factory with. The interior is white deluxe and the paint is driver quality with a few imperfections. The overall performance is very good on this Boss 429 and it there's still plenty of horse power from the Boss 429 Hemi engine. Under the hood, there's a few Boss 429 parts missing such as the original carburetor, distributor, smog and exhaust manifolds. Overall though, the integrity of this automobile is very good. I have very good documentation dating back to it's original owner in 1970. The body panels, drivetrain and interior are original and it still looks and drives great. This is a "driver" quality Boss 429 that's never been professionally restored but can driven and enjoyed in it's present condition. The KK number is present on the driver's door as well as the original door sticker that 1970's were equipped with.
Price: $170,000
1970 blue boss 429 Pictures

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1966 Shelby GT 350 Hertz
This is one of only sixty GT 350's ordered by the Hertz Corporation in 1966 painted red. Most of Hertz rentals that year were black however a few red, green, white and blue's were ordered and rented out throughout the United States. This GT 350 originally was shipped Harr Motor Company in Worcester Massachusetts and then it found it's way to Hertz in Boston. It's a matching number 289HP engine that runs and drives great. This Hertz is equipped with an automatic C-4 like most were. It's also equipped with the special Hertz Magnum wheels. 1966 Shelby's continue to be our best selling automobile. Unlike 65's, there's numerous colors, wheels and transmissions along with the Hertz program and colors.

Price: This rare red Hertz is priced at $109,000 SALE PENDING!
'66 GT350 hertz Pictures

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1968 Shelby GT 500 Convertible
This is one of only a few hundred Shelby convertible's offered in 1968. It was originally shipped to Fogg Motors in British Columbia and was used in their advertising campaign. Out of over 4400 Shelby's produced in 1968 this convertible was the sixty-fourth car built which makes it one of the earliest Shelby's and one of the first convertible's. This automobile is equipped with the original 428PI engine and it runs and drives excellent. This GT 500 was restored a few years ago and is ready to be enjoyed.

Price: $129,000
'68 gt500 Pictures

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