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"I'm looking for a Shelby convertible project"
"Got any?"

I recently received a call from a gentleman from the midwest that wanted a Shelby Convertible. His Dad had purchased a 69 GT 350 convertible new in 1969. The family sold the car in the mid 1970's however he never forgot the pleasure of a convertible in the summer. And having a Shelby convertible was just too much to forget. He realized that I have found many Shelby projects and wanted to know if I could find him one. He couldn't afford a finished car and would consider anything. "A 69 GT 350 convertible?" "They only made 194" I told him. And to find a project was even more challenging.

Well I found one! It's a 69 GT 350 convertible and all the numbers have been confirmed by our friends at SAAC. It's been sitting in a field for twenty years and is pretty much stripped. But, it's real and it's one of the 194.

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